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Outdoor Survival Courses


Outdoor Survival Courses Outdoor Survival Courses

Learn Survival In The Wild with our Survival Course

The Woodland Ways Weekend is a three day outdoor survival course for adults who wish to develop their Bushcraft and Survival skills within a safe, fun and beautiful environment. Our outdoor survival courses are conducted in beautiful woodland locations near Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire. You'll sleep outside under the stars, listening to the night sounds of the forest after constructing your shelter and cooking your dinner over an open fire. You will cover skills including natural navigation, tracking, knife work, foraging, safe use of survival equipment, tree identification, friction fire lighting and much much more.

During one of our outdoor survival courses, you will immerse yourself completely in your surroundings. We pride ourselves that whenever you leave one of our courses we can guarentee that you will never look at a woodland in the same light again. Our outdoor survival courses will make you truly feel and understand what resources are out there for you to harvest sustainably. We are not born again tree huggers, or shouty shouty at dawn, what you get from us is a clear, safe and extremely fun course, an approach we find provides the best learning experience for all. You'll learn to build a debris shelter and how to light a fire without matches or a lighter an essential wilderness skill for outdoor survival.

Our outdoor bushcraft survival course will also teach you how to move silently through the forest. You'll learn where to find water, even in the driest of conditions. Not only that though, our outdoor survival courses will teach you how to make it safe to drink through the sourcing, collecting, filtering and purification of the resource.

Our outdoor survival training course will teach you how to identify plants, as well as teaching you how animals move and the signs they leave of their passing. You'll observe so much more when you practice what our outdoor survival course label as the Sit Spot. Nature will come to you, if you let it. Wild food, cooking, foraging and making utensils are essential skills taught in our outdoor survival courses. These are all skills that following our outdoor survival courses will last with you forever.


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Free Outdoor Survival Courses tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: Water purification

There are a number of different opinions out there on the best method of purifying your water, and then again a further number of different opinions on each method, it can get very confusing!

Personally speaking I would always suggest that boiling water is the way forward. Yes, there are other methods available to you and it will depend on your personal circumstances, but in my view none has so few drawbacks than boiling. But obviously to do this it is also important to know how to light a fire, maintain it, and the legal framework on where you can light a fire! You also need to understand the other principles of sourcing your water from the cleanest possible source, collecting, and then filtering your water before the purification process.

Looking at boiling in itself there are also a number of viewpoints on how this should be done. Suggestions include that you should boil it vigorously for 30 minutes, others vigorously for 4 minutes, others for 1 minute.

There is scientific evidence out there that you actually only need to heat the water until you start to see the bubbles forming on the bottom of the pan- and at this point all of the viruses, cysts and bacteria are dead. I am not here to refute these suggestions, as there are people who undertake such research that are far cleverer than me!

My personal preference though is that I have always bought my water to a gentle boil, and then let the water gently boil for 4 minutes. I do this over the fire with a lid on my pan to conserve the heat and therefore reduce the amount of fuel I need to use... it's always worked for me and I'm still here!

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Jason Ingamells - Chief Outdoor Survival Courses Instructor .

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Outdoor Survival Courses